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Setting Goals & Choosing Careers

The young ladies at the Centre were encouraged to stand in front of the class and tell others their desired career and why they have chosen that career.  They were asked what subjects they need to concentrate on and to identify their weakness and what they are prepared to do to develop in that area.  

Some of the chosen careers were: nurse, lawyer, accountant and teacher.  They chose their careers because they wanted to support the poor, help provide justice, to help educate and save lives.  They each recognized that they had to study hard to achieve their career.

In counseling, the topic was given to all for personal understanding, definition and application. They also had discussions around it and ways it can be expressed. From the discussions various understanding emerged like:  entrusting your confidence in someone or something, being truthful in your commitment, sharing deep hurts and feelings, looking up to someone for help to name a few. 

They also considered goals setting in terms of making their lives better. They established that it is a way one can plan, guide or set boundaries for one’s life in order to achieve the best. Furthermore we borrowed the term “scale of preference” arranging one’s wants in order of priority or importance. 





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