Computer Lab and Training

Consistent access to computer technology, training and computers is the game changer that will help leap frog Africa to the future.  

For many years, the Digital Divide and access to technology has limited growth and development in Africa.  Technology, when rightfully used, offers all sort of advantages from better health care to access to advanced training and research.  

Wide Range of Video Tutorials: Our goal at the CPC is to provide access to a wide range of resources through a modern networked computer lab.  The computers will have access to a network server loaded with a range of tutorials.

Basic Computer Training: Through this lab, we intend to offer free training so children and youths will be able to learn how to use computers - an additionally be able to use the computers to access our huge library of digital resources. 

Connected to The Internet: Our goal is to also connect this lab to the internet so that our users will be able to access an even wider array of content on the internet.

Computers at CPC